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SUP Yoga Classes

Stand-Up Paddle Yoga Classes

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What is SUP Yoga?

Stand-up paddle yoga (SUP yoga) is innovative practice that is gaining in popularity around the world, and for good reason. It’s a fun and challenging way to take your yoga practice to another level. The natural world becomes your studio while you float on water and balance on a stand-up paddle board.

Aligned Flow® SUP Boards

The Aligned Flow® Floating Studio uses Boga Yoga SUP boards which are wider, thicker, and more stable in the water than other SUP boards, although they are easy to paddle and turn. The deck pad (top of the board) is very grippy. It’s about the size of a yoga mat which makes the transition from the terrestrial world to the floating studio a bit easier.


Interested in purchasing your own board SUP yoga board?

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Aligned Flow® Classes

The class begins with a brief on-land paddle and safety instruction. We’ll take a short paddle to warm up as well as to get accustomed to the movement and balance of the board. Next we’ll clip each board to an anchoring system and begin the class. Aligned Flow® SUP Yoga classes are Open Level. There will be options for beginners as well as more challenging options for those with a bit more experience.

What Should I Wear and Bring?

Wear anything that you feel comfortable moving and swimming in: a bathing suit, shorts or capri yoga pants, a a sports bra or t-shirt. Make sure that all of your clothing is made of quick drying material that you don’t mind getting wet! You may want to wear a hat. For the sunset classes you may need bug spray especially for savasana. For morning classes you may need sunscreen or a rash guard. The boards that Aligned Flow® provides have bungees on them and can hold a water bottle. If you are bringing your own board and have a way to tie it on, a water bottle is recommended. You can leave your flip flops on the beach or strap them to the boards with your bungee. Bring a towel and a change of clothing for after class, but leave all personal items in the car.

SUP Yoga Benefits

Among a myriad of benefits, SUP yoga practice is great for establishing strength in the shoulders, back, legs, and core while increasing one’s focus and concentration. And, falling into the water is fun and encouraged!

Can I do this?

No experience is necessary. However, you must be able to swim.


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Class Duration

90 minutes (Limit 20 per class)

SUP Boards

There are 10 rentals available and 10 additional spaces for those who have their own boards.

Summer 2020 Locations

Island Beach on the Boulevard in Mountain Lakes

Class Schedule

Generally, Aligned Flow® Floating Studio classes run from early July to late August every summer. Please check back for the 2020 schedule.

General Info

For all classes please arrive 15 minutes early to sign the waiver or set up if you are bringing your own board. Classes will be automatically cancelled if it’s raining.

Private individual and group classes

Private and private group classes are available by appointment! If you have a group of friends and would like to set up a private class, please contact

Single-Class Fees

$20 – includes class (does not include board)
$45 – includes class, board, paddle, & PFD rental

Multi-Class Fees

$100 – 6 classes (does not include board… BYOB)
$225 – 6 classes, including board rental

Private SUP Yoga appointments available*

$125 – 90 min (does not include board… BYOB)
$150 – 90 min (includes board rental)