School for Yoga and Somatics

 School for Yoga and Somatics

A Teaching Community-Centered
300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

by Aligned Flow®


The Vision

Teacher training creates a unique space where students can delve deeply, learn, share, and practice in a safe and supportive community. There is something magical that happens when individuals sparked by inspiration, have the space to let what they love become what they do. I so love this encouraging space and always long to keep the container going long after the training ends. When asked to offer a 300 hour training I considered it for many years and have created a format that I believe in. I am so excited to offer this new school and teaching community group to you!


The logistics:

At the heart of this new school is a teaching community group which meets once a month for practice, discussion, to give and receive feedback, and learn and refine new skills and ideas. Additionally, modules offered over the course of 2 years (the focus is integration at a slower pace), when taken in addition to the Teaching Community, will provide a 300 hour designation through Yoga Alliance. Those enrolled in the full program will have the benefit of delving more deeply into the self-reflection and practical applications of ethics (the Teacher Community themes for the month correspond and expand upon the modules).

Everyone learns differently and (just as I do in my 200 hour training), we will be using various techniques to ensure that this knowledge is integrated and stored in our bodies as well as our minds to increase our experiential wisdom. Each module will involve reading, writing, practicing, listening, observing bodies, teaching, and practicing some more. The community group sessions allow us to further implement and integrate all that we study together.

Joining me is a wonderful faculty made up of Kelly Solloway, Karen Born-Cafaro, and Ivette Desai. I am ecstatic and honored to be working with each of these gifted women and can’t wait to share their work with you!

There are 3 ways to be involved:

1. Become part of the Community Group and meet once a month for 3 hours, practice, teach, and discuss the deeper aspects of what it means to live a conscious life as you refine your voice in order to authentically share your offerings with your community and the world.

2. Take some (or all!) of the incredible individual Modules for CEUs offered through Yoga Alliance.

3. Take the individual modules, become part of the Teaching Community Group AND receive your 300 Hour Designation through Yoga Alliance and Aligned Flow®. This full 300 hour schedule will take place over the course of 2 years.

Purposefully building your community gives you the opportunity to expand into your potential with support. It challenges and encourages you to refine your skills in ways that are individually nourishing and inspiring. This school prioritizes personal reflection, practice, giving and receiving constructive feedback in an inspired and inclusive community dedicated to living authentically and ethically on and off the mat.

You are welcome to take part in some or all of this program. It is my genuine, whole-hearted wish that it supports you in your highest good and encourages you on your path.

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3 Ways to Get Involved: