“Attending an Aligned Flow Teacher Training course is a life changing experience.  Christy’s depth of knowledge of all aspects of yoga is unparalleled. Christy is the true definition of living, breathing, love expressed as yoga.  She is technically astute in the physical aspects of yoga and has extensively studied the yoga philosophies and Sanskrit.  Being the owner of a yoga business sets her up to teach what she is living. There is never a time she is not fully present and giving her all to the class. I would advise anyone who wants to be an instructor or just wants to advance their practice to sign up with the Aligned Flow TT at the first opportunity!”
Lynn DeCaro, RN


The Aligned Flow® 200 hour yoga teacher training offers Iyengar inspired alignment with the flowing-with-the-breath sequencing from the Vinyasa style of yoga and can  be applied to teach Therapeutics/Restorative, Gentle, Vinyasa, as well as heated flow classes from the beginner level up to as advanced  as your personal practice will allow.

Aligned Flow® is inspired by:

– The Buddhist meditation instruction of “Alert, Alert, Relax, Relax.” This is a instruction for the physical posture of meditation as well as preparing the mental environment for practice

– The miracle of our bodies to self heal: Physiologically our bodies perform best when we balance strength/action with flexibility and rest/recovery. This approach provides the foundation of the approach to all facets of the yoga practice. Our bodies are always searching to create homeostasis. When we go to far in one direction, our bodies will often self correct. Sometimes this shows up as postural imbalances and discomfort. Aligned Flow® offers tools to observe bodies, make postural assessments and gives a practical understanding of the use of props in yoga to support individuals in self healing. 

– Patanjali’s sutra (2.46):  Sthira- sukham asanam. This teaching is often translated as: “Yoga is a posture that brings about steadiness and ease.” Yoga (union) includes not only the physical practice of postures, but is a mindful state in which we experience, relate, respond to and affect our prana (life force) in order to live most fully, vibrantly and peacefully within ourselves and in relationship to the people and world around us. 

The Aligned Flow® training is accredited through Yoga Alliance, so upon graduation you will be able to apply with them to become an registered yoga teacher (RYT). Whether you are interested in teaching yoga or simply enriching your own practice, come take advantage of this in depth training!


The program includes:

– Practical Yoga Anatomy

– Philosophy, a study of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, and History

– Asana Including: Sanskrit names, benefits, contraindications, alignment points, Vinyasa Essentials, Teaching Methodology, Hands-on Adjustments, Intelligent Sequencing, Restorative, Yoga for Beginners, Prenatal, an introduction to the different yoga styles, and modifications and use of props for illness, injury, and specific conditions for group and private instruction.

– Energetics: Mantra, Pranayama, Mudra, and a foundational understanding of the Nadis, Chakras, and Bandhas

– Mindfulness, meditation, and pranayama (breathing observation and techniques) which are instructed from somatic (mind-body) experiential practices and discussion. You will walk away with an overflowing toolbox of ways to practice and share.

– The Business of Being a Yoga Teacher: How to effectively support yourself through sharing your practice

– Ethics: The Yogic approach for your teaching and life practice



Applicants must have an established yoga practice of at least 1 year. Each trainee must maintain an 80% average on all homework, quizzes and tests. Once your application and deposit are received, you will receive an email with more detailed information.


Fridays 6:00-9:00pm
Saturdays 10:00-11:30am and 12:30-6:30pm
Sundays 12:30-6:30pm

2017 Dates:
January 13, 14, 15 and 27, 28,  29
February 10, 11, 12 and 24, 25, 26
March 10, 11, 12 and 17, 18, 19
April 7, 8, 9 and 21, 22, 23
May 5, 6, 7 and 19, 20, and 21
June 9, 10, 11 and 23, 24, 25



Deposit: $500 non-refundable required
Early Bird Rate:  $3200 if paid in full before November 5th
Full Payment: $3400 until January 13th

*Payment plans are available by contacting Christy@AlignedFlow.com

Payment Plan Schedule:

$500 deposit
$500 a month automatic debits
Total cost: $3500

*Your payments are refundable (less your deposit) up until the training begins. If you do decide to cancel your participation in the program, your manual and all handouts must be returned.
To participate in the payment plan a credit card must be stored on file for monthly automatic payments along with a signed contract.  Once the training begins, you will have until the training begins to cancel your commitment to the training. After that date you are obligated to contractual agreement.
Costs Include:

* The Aligned Flow® 200 Hour YTT Manual
* Unlimited yoga classes at Prana Yoga Center for the duration of the training

Note: We will be working with a few additional books which are not included in the program cost. Once you register you will receive a book list. If you do not already have the books, you are welcome to get them online or you will receive 20% off the cover price if you buy them at the studio.




How do I know if this training is for me?

*You are a yoga practitioner and want to deepen your own understanding and practice as well as share your passion with others…
*You want to better understand the foundations of the postures for therapeutic purposes…
*You love to learn…
*You want to be challenged to overcome your own fears and perceived limitations and encourage others to do the same…
*You have a desire to use your voice and passions to make a difference in the world…
*You want to work with others either in group or one on one to help them feel better in their bodies and lives…
*You want to explore your connection to something bigger and shine more brightly in the world…



Your instructor: Christy Naida Linson
Christy Naida Linson is an E-RYT 500 and a licensed massage therapist (LMT). She began practicing yoga in 1999 while attending massage school in Maui, HI. Her love for yoga and beautiful places led her to receive her bachelors in Contemplative Psychology with a concentration in somatic (mind-body) psychology with a minor in yoga from Naropa University in Boulder, CO.  She completed both her 200 hour (2007) and 300 hour (2009) yoga teacher trainings with YogaWorks in NYC as well as 100 hours with her teacher, Maty Ezraty.

She is blessed to be the owner of Prana Yoga Center, direct the Aligned Flow® 200 hour teacher training program, lead retreats in beautiful places, and to offer deep tissue mobility treatments, therapeutic and thai massage to athletes including being one of the yoga instructors and massage therapists for the NY Jets.





What past students had to say:

“The YTT from Aligned Flow with Christy was simply amazing. it exceeded my expectations in so many levels. At first I thought that it would be simply an opportunity to enhance and deepen my own practice (which totally did) but by the end of the training I felt ready and so pumped to actually teach and start my career in the yoga world. Most importantly I feel prepared to do so. Christy is really knowledgeable and so kind and patient with all the students.
The group we had was also so diverse. I believe everyone gained a lot from that. It helped us understand so many different needs and I feel it gave us a real sample of what real world will be like. I would strongly recommend this training to anyone who is looking for an amazing 6 months spent with great people and an amazing teacher. it will change your life FOREVER! Your yoga practice will never be the same.”
Priscila Pires

“When I met Christy I knew I was “home” and I knew she would become “my” yoga teacher. Having known her for only a few months I wholeheartedly jumped into yoga teacher training for the immersion and the possibility of teaching in the future. It was a profound and life changing experience and one I highly recommend. Christy is breathtakingly authentic and generous with her spirit and time. You will be embraced as an individual and you and your practice will be nurtured. Christy will teach you how to keep yourself and your students safe. Her method of class sequencing is logical and simply brilliant.  Christy has been a huge gift in my life, and I am so grateful to continue practicing with and learning from her.” 
“I was extremely grateful to Christy for allowing me to attend the anatomy portion of a recent teacher training. It was a wonderful educational experience! Christy truly incorporates the functional side of anatomy into each session. Questions are answered in a thorough manner and related to specific movements or asana for further explanation. Christy approaches each session in a calm, welcoming way, interspersing a little humor to lighten a subject that could be daunting and overwhelming. I am very thankful for being a part of this training. It was one of the best that I have ever taken.” – Diane T.

“Delightful training regimen. Well rounded and comprehensive. Inclusive, loving approach toward numerous personality and body types.  All 11 students experienced powerful transformations. Christy Linson exemplifies every thing a person could ever want in a teacher.” -Recent Graduate

“Christy is incredibly knowledgable regarding all aspects of this training: anatomy, asana, philosophy, and even chanting. I loved that the training is alignment based, so I learned how to keep my students safe. I never ever thought I would be a yoga teacher, but this training left me completely prepared and confident to teach. Thank you!” -Terri Brown, L.Ac.

“The Aligned Flow Teacher Training was by far the best thing that could have happened to me, especially during a difficult transitional time in my personal life. Christy’s love and knowledge of both yoga and the human heart was blended into an amazingly transformational and educational experience. From anatomy and alignment, pranayama, and personal practice, this training went far beyond the mat and the classroom and into our daily lives. I went into this training with the intention of deepening my own practice (not really to teach), but found myself emerging with a new found voice and passion to share with others all that I had learned. I look forward to taking further trainings with Christy in the future.” – AL

“Christy Linson rules!!!  I have been practicing as Christy’s student for 6 years.  In those six years I have learned so much from her and the teacher training elevated my Yoga practice to a new level.  The  program was a well thought out and Christy gave tremendous effort making sure every student was attend to.  I know and believe if I had enrolled in any other training program I would not have received the same value this program offered.  (You can edit this first sentence if you like.  I know it may not be good for a testimonial or maybe It could be.  I do think you rule!”)– Michael Keenaghan

“I was fortunate enough to be a part of Christy’s first YTT. I can’t begin to express my joy and gratitude for her for allowing me the opportunity. Christy is an amazing human being; kind, patient and loving. She also has an incredible amount of knowledge which she shares without reservation. Christy makes learning fun and exciting. She welcomes questions and conversations in all areas of the training. She isn’t afraid to say that she doesn’t know an answer, but will also find the answer if she doesn’t know. Her love of people, yoga, and teachings are highlighted in her dedication to her students, her own education, and her practice. Christy does what she loves and it shows.” – CD

“Just imagine.  Imagine spending time in a beautiful room with soft lighting that warms your soul.  Imagine being there with people that share your same passion.  Imagine being taught by someone with a nurturing spirit beyond compare.  Beyond compare !    Imagine looking back on all this as one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.  Words can never fully express what you’ll be feeling after you take YTT with Christy at Prana.   I promise you that.   Because lucky for me I don’t have to imagine any longer.” Ellen S.

“The training I received under your supervision has given me the knowledge, skill, and confidence to hit the ground running with my own teaching practice. Never dreamed I’d be where I am now. Thanks, Christy.” – MK

“Christy Linson is a wonderful Yoga Teacher and Prana Yoga in Denville NJ offers a delightful space to practice.” –Lawrence Curran

“Christy’s Yoga training was absolutely wonderful and certainly a life changing experience.  They say, as cliches go, “a picture tells a thousand words,” and the only way I can describe Christy’s methodology in teaching this course, is for one to observe the famous painting by Karl Von Blaas, an Austrian painter of the mid-nineteenth century, “The Ascension of Saint Catherine of Alexandria”.  The original is located in the Fogg Museum at Harvard University in Boston.  

Christy’s entire demeanor was like the angels in the foreground taking her students through the layers of the skies towards heavenly new light.  Like the angels, Christy took us to see beautiful colors and their muted hues that permeate in all of her students.  Also, like the painting, where the atmospheric perspective with the spacious skies, brings us to another dimension or realm of freedom and openness.  Christy also takes us to a point of freedom and she does this gradually from the very basic asanas to the more intricate poses.  Like the painting, we receive not only a new flow of oxygen but also a sense of bodily systems operating cohesively.  Her presence also made us feel whole, important,  valuable, and even loved.

I think everyone, young, middle aged, and old must partake in Christy’s training despite any physical or emotional limitations they are burdened with.  Like the angels in the painting, she will carry every student, regardless of their limits/handicaps, sailing through the asanas towards new horizons, especially body, mind, and spirit.   She will take you through the postures as if sailing through waters in an undulating motion/movement similar to the angels carrying Saint Catherine through the higher strata of atmosphere.  Every student feels at peace with Christy’s Yoga just like Saint Catherine being carried by a group of angels to the heavens.” -Joseph Charles DiLorenzo