When I Grow Up I Want To Be Like Kelly Starrett


Last night, I got home from a long day at around 10p. I was so dragging-my-legs-behind-me tired,  BUT THEN I happened to notice that I had some mail! To describe how exciting this is would involve too many exclamation points so I am going to just get right into it.  Let’s just say that I read a bunch before bed, and then woke up at 3a too excited to sleep anymore.

I am in awe of Kelly Starrett. For those of you who have not heard of Kelly Starrett, and am wondering what this “Supple Leopard” thing is all about, here is a little summary. Kelly Starrett is to Crossfitters like BKS Iyengar is to yogis. He has brought his incredible knowledge of the body and how it works and made it practical, understandable, and beyond palatable. His method helps to heal the damaged, prevent injuries for the non injured athlete, and educate not only athletes, but is very passionate about educating those who train them. When I grow up I want to be like Kelly Starrett.

All human beings should be able to perform
basic maintenance on themselves.

Kelly Starrett, DPT

 Many of you know that in addition to yoga, I also LOVE working with athletes (all athletes, but especially Crossfitters because they rely on having to be fluent in all complex movements). I truly believe that STRENGTH + FLEXIBILITY = RESILIENCE, and combine the things I have learned from yoga, massage, Thai yoga, working with all sorts of athletes, and movement to offer, what I call “Mobility Treatments” (Alex actually helped me name it, and it was before I knew about Mr. Starrett and his Mobility WOD site, just in case you thought I might be doing some weird stalker thing). Depending on the athlete it can look like a deep tissue massage, Thai yoga, led asana and stretching, rolling around on balls, foam rollers, a still point inducer, or educational training about alignment and breath and how the body works and performs best.
I am super passionate about this work. I don’t know everything. In fact, in the grand scheme of things, I know very little, but I love to share the things I have experienced to be tried and true. It’s the “Teach a man to fish” philosophy. The more people who know how to fish, the better off we all are. Kelly Starrett’s trainings are SOLD OUT from here to eternity (they are all SOLD OUT), but I woke up with a very clear plan of the next steps I want to take to learning more, and am SO EXCITED!!!!!
I got some of those exclamation points in there afterall. :)


Maybe a spot will open up? You never know!

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