These Are The Good Old Days

Over the past few days I have had several experiences that conspired to suck all of my attention into that very moment.  In life there are so many times that I look back at or forward to, but once in awhile this very moment really does trump all others in my attention.  I realized, “I am really here. THESE are the moments and the people I love most in life, and they are right here.”

It might be because I just celebrated another birthday, or my renewed sense of hope and range of motion after finding my new chiropractor/kinesiologist, or more likely, it is because my dad is celebrating his 61st birthday today and has recently begun the first steps in the cancer treatment he has chosen. All of these things make life feel so precious, and time doing what you love so important.

Someone was recently telling me a story of a fisherman who lived in a small village . Every day he caught just enough fish to sell and support his family. He then spent the rest of his time with his wife and children enjoying life. One day, a business man approached him and told him that he had it all wrong. He needed to catch way more fish in order to make more money. The fisherman began to spend all of his time fishing and selling his fish. Years and decades went by, and he was finally able to retire. Once he retired,  he was able to go back to fishing just enough so that he could live in his village and spend time with his family.

I kind of suck at retelling stories, but do you get the idea?

The mentality is: enjoy life while you are living it rather than suck it up for several decades so then you can retire and really enjoy your life. Do you know that there is a high percentage of people who get sick once they retire? It is not unlikely to sustain injuries that will prohibit you from doing the very activities you have been waiting to do for decades. Why is this?

I am sure that there are numerous reasons, but definitely one is that the go-go-go mentality doesn’t allow much time for rest, reflection, and healing. Once we finally rest, our bodies get time to catch up, and that is often when we crash and get sick. Another reason, (especially in terms of joints and connective tissue) is flexibility. Our joints are all about moving forward and being flexible with the path that lies behind, underneath, and in front of us. Most of us (myself included) have taken some steps in the path that caused pain (mental/emotional or physical), many of us have uncertainty and maybe even fear about the future. We experience these emotions in our joints- especially our knees and ankles. Some jobs require decades of sitting at a desk, where if there is not a lot of work done to counter this position can cause a lot of back and neck pain. This has to do with posture, and also the idea of spine as support.

The moral of the story, at least for me this week, is that our lifetimes exist in each moment. I hate to get all greeting card on you, but it’s true. My choices today mirror my life choices. Do I choose to get tied up in past fears and then project them on my relationship with Alex? Well, yes, unfortunately I did do that, which is what reminded me about this Blog draft that was waiting for me to finish it up.  But, in each moment, I can remember how I want to live now, stop hammering the past over my head (and Alex’s) and stop buying into the mentality that I have to wait for the good until later.

Today is like any other day. It is sunny, or it is rainy. I woke up feeling rested or I woke up feeling tired, but I have choices as to how to proceed. Today, my dad is optimistic about his treatment and so am I. Today with all of it’s ups and downs gives me the same opportunities as any other day. These ARE the good old days. Whatever it is that you want to do with your life, you can do it right now.


Wonderful Post Christy, this one really hits close to my heart. Here is a passage from one of my favorite albums:

Faith lies in the ways of sin
I chased the charms but I don’t want them anymore
And in their eyes I was alive, a fool’s disguise
Shame my tongue, fat with promise all along
But when I woke up from that sleep
I was happier than I’d ever been
When you decide that your life is a prize
Renew and revive

-Billy Corgan in Siamese Dream


Wow, Eddie, Thank you for sharing that. What beautiful lyrics! I’m going to have to go back and listen to some Smashing Pumpkins!


Yea Billy is an undercover Yogi

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