Thank you and a little announcement for my Prana peeps!

Thank you and a little announcement for my Prana peeps!



After all of the snow these past few weeks so many of you came out this past weekend that the classes were full (45 people-AWESOME!), and a few of you were even turned away.  :(   We have such an amazing group on Saturday every week, and whether this big class happens again or not, I want everyone to always feel welcome to share this practice with all of you!

Nancy and I were talking about how we can keep that from happening again, and here is the awesome news:

The studio actually holds 52 people if we orient the mats differently.  We haven’t had to do this yet, but we can if we know that we have to! The best way for us to prepare is to make sure that you get there and set up on time.

I know (and so do you if you are a regular) that Prana can get a bit busy between morning classes on Saturday (it’s just part of the gift of practicing in such a wonderful place) and it’s not always possible to get into the studio right away because the earlier class is still practicing, but please try to get there and sign in at least 5 minutes before class starts. This will ensure that you can set up your spot as well as create space for anyone who might be coming for the first time and doesn’t know how crowded it can be.

I always want anyone walking through the doors to feel that they are welcomed and that there is a space for them.  I’m sure you’ve heard me say that dozens of times as we move our mats closer together! :)

Thank you all so much for so faithfully practicing with me on Saturdays (especially those of you who have come to my Beginner’s class for years and are no longer beginners, but continue to come to class). I appreciate every single one of you and feel so honored to be able to share this practice with you! I so appreciate the warmth and genuine care that you extend to others in the class as our community grows!

Thank you and I will look forward to seeing you on Saturday!




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