Quote For Today

“I’m living my goal right now.” 

-Marc Trestman

Head Coach of the Chicago Bears and

author of  PERSEVERANCE: Life Lessons on Leadership and Teamwork

A few weeks ago, my brother-in-law was watching something on ESPN and left the room. When I walked in, there was an interview on with Marc Trestman, who I previously didn’t know very much about. When I started working for the NY Jets a few years ago, I began studying more about football, but still, the learning curve is pretty steep.

The interviewer went through Marc’s work history and was talking about his book and how much he had learned and changed over the years. Marc Trestman was talking about how much he invests in the players personally so that they are not only better teammates, but better husbands, better friends, and better men. Then the interviewer asked him this question, “What are your goals with all of this?” and he said,” I’m living my goal right now.”

That, lovelies, is yoga in action.


You work for the Jets? Teaching yoga or massage?

I just realized I replied to Patrice privately, but didn’t answer here in case anyone else was wondering! I am blessed to be one of the massage therapists for the Jets and am in my third season with them.

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