Pre-Retreat Photos

Pre-Retreat Photos

Aloha! I am here on Maui and the retreat begins tonight!

I spent 3 days out in the rainforest. Every time I come back it takes me a few days to land. I drove around and visited some of my favorite sites, took many photos to share, and made it a good way through my favorite foods here in Maui all while drinking in this delicious air. Haiku and Huelo have a unique smell that I can only describe as celery scented. It is my favorite smell in the world and it’s only in those two places.

Now I am checked into Lumeria listening to the sounds of wheeled luggage making it’s way down the planked lanai while people find their rooms. This year I was upgraded to a suite which was so generous and a super blessing. I like to wake up early every morning to practice, pray, and prepare (alliteration!) for each day and I was nervous about waking up my friend Stine, who is my roommate.  Not anymore! :)

Here are some photos from the trip so far! Please pray and send good energy to all who are still traveling and who have come so far to receive this week! Lumeria is an incredible place to unwind and come back home to yourself, and I feel blessed be welcomed and to welcome people in! It’s a life changer.




so like-paradise…. mmmmm…. beautiful….  and beautiful you.  xoxo

“When you are praying alone, and your spirit is dejected, and you are wearied and oppressed by your loneliness, remember then, as always, that God the Trinity looks upon you with eyes brighter than the sun.” –  Saint John of Kronstadt

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