Ocho de Mayo


Here we are in Maui. I am doing something weird with my arm.

One year on Ocho de Mayo, we had a fiesta. I gave April Frida Kahlo eyebrows because she loves Frida.

One year on Ocho de Mayo, we surprised April with a fiesta. While she was blindfolded, I gave April a moustache, hat, and Frida Kahlo eyebrows because she loves Frida. Such a good sport!

Today is my sister, April’s birthday. She was born 2 weeks before I turned 4. I remember consistently praying for a sister for (what seemed like) a long time before that, so I have spent most of my life wishing she was here, or grateful that she is. For those of you who know April, you know that she really is an answer to prayer. She is the sort of person who seamlessly slips in and makes everything better. She can pick up your slack, lift your mood, and always leaves everything more beautiful than she finds it. She is the kindest soul, and has the craziest sense of style which is kind of like a kindergartner (who dresses herself) meets Stevie Nicks. I love her.




Awesome! Just awesome! How lucky you both are to have such a close and special sister relationship. You are both beautiful, inside and our, and are such a gift to this world and to all who know you.

Have the HAPPIEST of birthdays, Sweet Pea! May all good things flow…..

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Happy birthday to April. She looks great. You two look like you have so much fun together. Really is i great pic of the two of you laughing. HBD to April…..

this made me cry! so beautiful – and funny Christy! love the caption “I am doing something weird with my arm” hah! also…what a beautiful thing to say and feel about somebody – that you were always wishing for her or grateful for her…touched me deeply – and your photos together show the deep love and joy you have for each other. a life gift.


So thoughtful and lovely, just like the birthday girl and her sister! Seeing you two always makes me wish I had a sister. I am so thankful to have you both in my life as “sisters” and friends! Happy Birthday April!

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