New Workshop in Boulder, Colorado in April!

New Workshop in Boulder, Colorado in April!

I am so thrilled to finally announce the workshop I have been hinting at for MONTHS! It took awhile to iron out all of the details, but we have found the perfect location! Who are “we?”

I am over-the-moon excited to be co-hosting this workshop with Shawna Reninger of The Conscious Enterprise. If you receive my newsletter, you already heard about how much Shawna has helped me over the years. I was referred to Shawna through a mutual friend (Lauren Ward Larsen) when I first moved back to NJ. Shawna is an intuitive and has helped shed clarity on the journey I’ve been on ever since.

Last year, she offered some of her amazing tools in a course called, “The Dynamic Intuition Series.”  Through each of the 4 sessions, I kept thinking about what kind of yoga sequence I would do before each of the tools to further open up, prepare and support these incredible tools. I sat with the idea for 6 months before mentioning it to her, and to my surprise, not only did she think it was a great idea, she further expanded her 4 session series to 5 sessions for this special weekend!

All of the details and the registration can be found HERE! Each registration includes a 30 minute private intuitive reading with Shawna. The first 6 people to sign up will receive their reading in person during the workshop weekend. The other registrants will schedule their private sessions with Shawna to take place over the phone after the completion of the workshop. Not to worry, though, I’ve received all of my readings over the phone with Shawna and they have been incredibly powerful.

Don’t be freaked out by the words, “reading,” and “intuitive.” Every single person has innate intuition. These tools are incredible ways to tap into your own intuition and to live a clearer life that supports you!

Hope to see you in Boulder!


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