New Book Club (on Facebook)!

New Book Club (on Facebook)!


Being a gigantic book lover, I’ve wanted to be a part of a book club forever. For the past few years, I’ve tried to find different ways to host one, but without a location to host in addition to a more-random-than-most schedule, I couldn’t figure out how to set it up.

While reading Henriette Anne Klauser’s  Write It Down, Make It Happen last Spring, I was nearly desperate to share it with like minded souls. I am a big journaler and list maker and have been amazed at the power writing has to achieve goals, and so…..

I have started a book club as a private group on Facebook!

I have used Facebook before as a way to share photos and keep in touch after yoga retreats  and teacher training and have loved the way it has sometimes created groups that have stayed in touch and supported each other over long periods of time.

We will be going through the book at the rate of a chapter a week and working with the ideas presented in the book. It’s an open group and the first post went up today. If you are on Facebook and would like to join this group, click on this link! Requests to join will be accepted until Sept 7.


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