My First Workshop Series!

My First Workshop Series!



Inversions are one of my favorite things to teach. There are so many important points to understanding how to warm up, prepare, and set up these fun postures!

They can also be some of the more intimidating postures (we usually spend much of our lives trying to not turn everything upside down) and can often seem mysterious (how on Earth do I actually get up there?).

Inversions are so important to understand and experience safely. In this 4 week workshop series we will be breaking down the 4 basic inversion types: Shoulderstand, Headstand, Forearm Balance, and Handstand.

Each class will include a warm up all of the component parts of that week’s featured posture, a discussion of some of the benefits, demonstration, adjustments and modifications so that regardless of where you are in your inversion practice you will be able to experience the effects and begin or continue your journey to inversions!

Check out more information and register HERE!



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