Aligned Flow®     Strength + Mobility = Resilience + Longevity

I’ve had what I thought was lower back pain for the greater part of 10 years. It started when a “trainer” in an ordinary gym had me doing a one-legged deadlift with dumbells. After that I had shooting pain to the right of my lower spine area. I had been to physical therapists and chiropractors that would hook me up to machines and tell me to stop lifting weights . The pain always resurfaced eventually. I started CrossFit in 2013 trying to ignore the pain. My coach suggested that I see Christy Linson for a mobility treatment . She QUICKLY located where the pain was really coming from…my S.I .joint. She massaged the area with a great deal of pressure. This combined with stretching has made my pain go away…COMPLETELY!!! I am still amazed at her skill and what she has done for me. It’s a miracle !!! I thought I was done with working out forever until I had this treatment. Now I can enjoy CrossFit pain free !!! Thank you Christy!

Jamie Lupinaccio

Mobility Treatments are a blend of Thai Yoga massage, deep tissue and therapeutic massage, and exercises based on alignment and performance training. This work has been fine tuned in my experience and observation working with athletes from a variety of sports as a massage therapist and yoga instructor. They are meant to bring balance to the body in terms of strength and flexibility,  to produce resilience in applied actions, and decrease injuries so you can continue to do the sport you love.

I work with my clients based on their specific needs in terms of range of motion, structural balance, and their personal goals as athletes.  Each session differs depending on need and progression. Mobility Treatments are therapeutic and meant to produce structural and measurable results. They not relaxing spa treatments. That is my nice way of saying, “They can hurt,” but you will notice a difference and feel much better afterwards, I promise.

Depending on the individual it can look like:

  • Deep Tissue and Therapeutic Massage
  • Thai Yoga Massage
  • Targeted Asana (Yoga Postures) and Stretching/Range of Motion Exercises
  • Use and Instruction of Using Balls, Foam Rollers, Bands and the Still Point Inducer to Reduce Adhesions in Connective Tissue and Produce a Relaxation Response for Greater Healing
  • Educational training in alignment, breathing techniques and meditation to improve performance and meet goals
  • A Mobilization Plan For Ongoing Healing and Mobility To Be Used Before and After Workouts

All sessions are $100 per hour. 30 minute sessions are available for $50. Private appointments available upon request.

“There simply is not enough space here to say everything about Christy. Under no circumstances should you let her appearance fool you. This chick knows her athletes better than you think! She is focused on treating you to get you better, plain and simple. She always asks, ‘What are we working on?’ When she says that, speak the truth, because she knows your body better than you think and she will figure it out. She will always make sure you continue to take care of yourself with a post treatment routine. If you are in serious training mode for a game or competition she will make herself available to see you on a more consistent basis. Best of all she is such an amazing person and her wonderful personality along with her sense of humor always make the sessions worthwhile. They are not exactly comfortable and can be painful, but put your trust in her, she will get you where you need to be. From someone who would never let anyone touch them, I would take her with me to all my competitions if I could! Plain and simple, Christy is the best, there is no other! If she can get a 51 year old CrossFitter ready to compete at a high level, she can do just about anything.” – James Gurland

“You are a miracle worker!!!! So, I think you can actually stop with all the yogi and teacher titles and whatnot and just call it like it is!!! MIRACLE WORKER!!”
– Gabby Cook

“I have had two lower back spinal fusion surgeries resulting in a decreased range of motion and limitations in certain CrossFit movements. As a result, I am prone to muscle spasms, knots in my back and shoulders and hip pain. Over the past 4 weeks, Christy has slowly but steadily reduced the tightness and knots in my lower back and shoulders which has let to increased mobility during my CrossFit workouts. I can now consistently squat below parallel! I feel better and move better which has my my workouts better and more effective. Thanks, Christy!”
– Marlo Karp

“I haven’t been able to do a muscle up since the open. Today I did 30. THANK YOU!!” – Roy Rosado

“For months, I was having problems with my shoulder. I have been a professional stylist for 12 years and have been doing Crossfit for 1.5 years. The pain in my shoulder was getting worse. I started having Mobility Treatments with Christy once a week for a month and the results are amazing! It really helps me to perform my work and my workout without pain!”
– Jennifer Kole

“Christy is a gifted massage therapist. I believe that the integration of her knowledge of yoga, anatomy and therapeutics provides a really unique insight into the causes of pain and injury. In her yoga classes, I have learned about how to heal and transcend some of the habits which cause imbalance and stress to my body. A massage from Christy is one of the most beneficial and therapeutic things you can do for yourself. Her in depth understanding of how we carry stress in our body lets her know exactly where there is a problem and she is able to provide so much healing, relief and balance. If you want to improve your physical and emotional health, a massage with Christy is one of the best gifts to give yourself.” 
– Donna Buccarelli

“I sought Christy’s help after trying to deal with back and foot pain I had been experiencing over several months. My lower back and foot were particularly a problem after running and doing high impact workouts. Christy was able to target the specific areas in my lower back and relieve the pain with massage therapy. She made several good suggestions which I immediately tried such as using inserts for my running shoes, icing my foot and being more aware, overall,  of how I run. These changes have significantly reduced my lower back pain and also alleviated the foot pain allowing me to enjoy running again.”
 -Michelle Gaynor