How I Aligned My Flow (so far): Part 8

How I Aligned My Flow (so far): Part 8

Alignment Adjustment 8:

“Make a new memory.” 

Craig King, owner of Glow Juice Cleanse, Maui HI

Craig King

 I was 27 when I lived in Boulder and had already attended and dropped out of college, moved to Maui and put myself through massage school, was a licensed massage therapist and, now that I had figured out what I wanted to study, was in the process of putting myself back through college. Listing these things, it sounds like I had already lived quite a bit, but I was (and still am) a pretty late bloomer.

There was a raw food restaurant in town that I used to go to with friends. It was on my way to school so I would pass it on my walk and often stop in and eat. The owner, Craig was a friend of the woman I nannied for, and we became friendly. One night, I was out at a bar and we bumped into each other. Without my knowing it,  he bought me a shot of tequila, and when they served it to me, I froze.

I had tequila shots only one other time when I actually didn’t know what tequila was, and didn’t have a lot of experience with alcohol at all (I was 23). I was with a friend and just drank as much as she did, not realizing what I was doing. My entire life changed course in that night, and lets just say, I definitely didn’t drink tequila after that.

“Do you have a bad memory associated with it?” Craig asked when I told him I didn’t drink tequila.

I told him that I did. 

“Well, it’s time to make a new memory, ” he said smiling, and clinked my glass.

A flashbulb went off in my head. It was a totally new idea to me, and yet so simple. I realized that I actually had the ability to make a new memory, to break the charge that my old emotions gave an inanimate object. 

Ever since that one sentence, I realized that we have the power to attach meaning to things, and also to take that charge away. It really worked. It’s empowering, liberating, and I encourage you to try it. It frees up a lot of band width in your life.

Last year, when I set up my first retreat at Lumeria in Maui, the friend that I used to nanny for sent me a message letting me know that Craig was now at Lumeria too. He had moved out to Maui and had started a juice  cleanse that was now island wide and had him delivering vat loads of fresh juice every single day. It was great to see him while I was there, although I never had the chance to tell him what a huge difference that one sentence made in my life.

I have been thinking about writing this particular post for awhile, but today on Facebook, Craig shared the story of how his mom’s battle with her health and tragic suicide led him to so passionately pursue chemical drug free healing. His story began with, “The shot that forever changed my world:”

Craig is out in the world sharing his passion for the power of natural healing. He has changed so many lives because he took a traumatic experience and used it to power a mission to save people from the outcome his precious mom met with.  I already had a lot of admiration for Craig, but knowing his story has deepened my respect. So, this post is a big thank you to Craig King for the direction he has chosen to take with his life and for the shot that forever changed my perspective and so, my world. I pray that the simple yet powerful ability we have to “make new memories” continues to ripple out and empower more people toward fuller, healthier lives the way it has for me.

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