How I Aligned My Flow (so far): Part 7 (Happy New Year!)


Beginning the new year with gratitude!


2014 has begun and with it many new or renewed goals have been set and the losses and challenges from last year often gratefully left behind.  I have been thinking of what to write in this post for the past week. As I pass countless January editions of glossy magazines in the grocery store and open email after email boasting the ultimate plan for the new and sparkly you in the new year, and the lists of how to’s, and the top whatever’s of 2013, I honestly feel a little wearied and like something is missing.

Even though there are so many things that I am excited about in 2014, I keep wondering how best to inspire them in the every day and how to encourage the best from my students and clients. There is one thing I keep coming back to, and it’s this: Our best and our worst exist in every moment. They co-existed in every day of 2013, and they will do the same throughout 2014. Does that sound like a gigantic buzz kill? I hope not, because it is excellent news.

So, how on earth do we stick with our goals?

Alignment Adjustment 7:

Discipline Is Simply Remembering What You Want

I’ve written about this one before, but it bears repeating. When I was a nanny in Boulder to one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever met (Lauren Larsen, author of : “Zuzu’s Petals”), she had this taped to her refrigerator door. This quote has stuck with me every single time I’ve set a new goal, tried something new, or reflected on my shortcomings.

In each moment, we vote with our energy. Our Prana (life force) is our currency in this life. How we spend it is entirely up to us. Isn’t that totally empowering? If you truly want to accomplish something new and scary, in each moment you get to choose which energy to buy into. Do you want to give over your Prana to the fearful thoughts or to the empowering and creative ones? Do you want to use your Prana to avoid the challenges you need to face or would you like to use to take one small step in the direction of your dreams?

I know that this sounds extremely simplistic, but this is my practice, and so far it seems to be working. No matter how long it takes, or how big the mountain is, you can stand at the bottom afraid to climb, or you can take one small step after another. Does this mean I am never scared? Absolutely not. Honestly, I the ideas I have often scare me to death so I pray a lot. :)

This year, I am committed to living my intentions in each moment, to remembering what it is I really want, aside from any momentary distractions and to supporting you as you face your goals and fears!  This doesn’t mean not having fun, or allowing space for new ideas or adventures. It means using my Prana to support the underlying goal of uncovering more of the inherent light within myself and supporting you in the doing the same thing!

Let’s shine more light this year! 

Thank you so much for practicing yoga and working with me in 2013! I have been overwhelmed with support and encouragement and it has allowed me to dream even bigger for this new year!

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Many blessings to you in this new year!

May it be filled with new adventures, much joy and an overflow of peace!


Christy – I’m so grateful to have and share this life practice with you and all my fellow students. The truth is we have the power to start over again every single day. When we turn our hearts to our innate goodness and live with compassion and joy, we create more compassion and joy in the world.

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