How I Aligned My Flow: Part 6

Alignment Adjustment 6: Slowing Down To Become More Accomplished

“I have so much to do that if I didn’t spend at least three hours a day in prayer I would never get it all done.”

Martin Luther

I haven’t written one of these Alignment Adjustments in a long time, and this is a quote that is particularly helpful during this busier time of year.  I talked about this in my yoga class this morning, so for some of you this is a repeat performance, but a good one to repeat. I grew up here on the East coast, but lived away for nearly a decade before coming back. When I did (8 years ago!) the fast pace was immediately noticeable. Do you realize how fast we do EVERYTHING here? It’s crazy! I started to notice how busyness is equated with success. When people greet me they often say, “How are you doing? Keeping busy?”

I was introduced to the opening quote on this blog when I was at Naropa University where we were taught to slow down and turn inwards in meditation. It continues to benefit me (and hopefully you too if you come to my classes or are a client of mine).  I also wrote about  it on the Prajjali Blog a few weeks ago.

When we turn inwards (in yoga its called Pratyhara- an inward drawing of the senses), we recharge. We have the opportunity to come home to ourselves and reconnect to Source. When I go a long time without doing this, I feel dried out, uninspired, and exhausted. I am literally running around trying to give from a dried up well. Taking time to slow down and turn in allows me to connect to and give from a Source that never runs out, and to give the kind of full attention that I want to give to you all!

This morning, Gabrielle Bernstein (who I love) posted a video about this topic. It’s really great! Check it out here, get inspired, come home to yourself and recharge, and then take a look at her other videos. She is an inspirational guide and speaks from experience and from the heart!

Thank you for reading! Recharge and connect so you can be present and enjoy all that this season has to offer! Please comment below and let me know what you think of the video!



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