Give Your Intention Some Attention

Sometimes I only want to focus on the fun stuff. I am so excited about planning my Maui Yoga Retreat next Spring. Ideas are flowing and I am super inspired to share all of the healing energy that this beautiful place has to offer, YET I still have to nail down the details. This week I really buckled down, made some calls, and am very close to sending out all of the information, photos of the location, and the registration form. The desire to sit around and daydream is strong, yet if I don’t do the other stuff, none of it will actually happen.

The same is true for relationships. It seems like so many people I know are going through a transition in their relationship right now. I don’t know what it is. I am not going to simplify anyone’s relationship, and I am not thinking of anyone in particular here either. What I do know is that relationships are multi faceted. Speaking from my own experience, it is easy to love someone when they are being cute and funny, doing nice things for you, or making you feel good. It is much more difficult to be warm when you barely see each other, feel overwhelmed, when the other person kind of drives you crazy, doesn’t do/say what you would like, etc. BUT, if you withhold warmth and communication when it’s hard, there is less likelihood of those fun, lovely times lasting for long.

The other day in Crossfit, Jason was talking about “making deposits” toward your goals. If you say you want to get stronger, lose weight, spend time with your family, but your actions don’t show you making time to exercise, but making plenty of excuses, eating the food you know doesn’t make you feel good way more often than you make healthy choices, or spending all of your time at work, your goals are much less likely to be realized. He was saying that you have to make real, daily deposits toward investing in the outcome you say you want.

So, at the beginning of the week (luckily he said this in Monday’s class), I took a look at the things on my to-do list, and my list of goals for the future. Then, I looked at my free time, and how I spend it. Let’s just say that things weren’t adding up…. If I kept with that schedule, kept getting distracted, remained afraid to commit, and continued to avoid all of the paperwork that I need to work with, none of the things on my goal list would have ever come off the list.

The Sanskrit word for intention is Sankalpa. I like thinking about these concepts with their Sanskrit terminology because, for me, it brings the sacredness back.  The energy we put out into the world is precious. It is our life force created from what we digest in terms of food, air, beliefs, thoughts, the media we choose to read/watch, relationships, and our environment. Life is short, and at some point it will be over for each of us. We have so many choices as to how to nourish and direct our life essence while we are here.

This week, I am pulling myself out of the avoidance rut, and I hope that this inspires you to do it too. Remember your beliefs, goals, your deepest intentions for your life, and take an honest look as to whether you are investing in those accounts,  have forgotten them, or maybe even are overdrawn. This doesn’t have to cause you to fall into criticism and feelings of despair and hopelessness. It can be a wake up call to beginning to create a life of meaning.

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