Things I Am Loving At The Moment….

Over the weekend, I went into the city (NYC for those of you who don’t live in NJ). I was supposed to be at a meeting at 6:15 at Virayoga which is part of a longer story that I will get into later. I only live 35 miles from NYC, but it can take anywhere from […]

“The Magical Tool”

“If it’s not scheduled, it’s not real.” Mastin Kipp, The Daily Love I am pretty sure this morning’s Daily Love was written for me. Actually, all of the Daily Loves this past week seem to be hitting my nail on it’s head. Has that ever happened to you? You are on a kind of tangent […]

Hope For Steve

A year or so ago, I was watching, “Say Yes to the Dress,” and heard a story about a woman who needed to find a dress in a short period of time. Her boyfriend had found out that he had Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS) for which there is no known cure, and had told her […]

First Handstand Video!

So, here is the handstand video I had such a difficult time figuring out how to load! It’s not the most graceful thing, but I have overcome the fear part! I just need to balance! My allergies/cleansing symptoms are gone, and I can now breathe. I will be out there again this weekend to post […]

This Is Not The Handstand Video I Promised

I woke up this morning, and everything was green. Over night, all of the buds have opened and there are leaves EVERYWHERE!!! On Sunday morning, I made a video of my ongoing handstand-in-the-middle-of-the-yard practice. I told a few of you I would post it, but for some reason I can’t get it to load on […]

Ocho de Mayo

Today is my sister, April’s birthday. She was born 2 weeks before I turned 4. I remember consistently praying for a sister for (what seemed like) a long time before that, so I have spent most of my life wishing she was here, or grateful that she is. For those of you who know April, you […]

“Don’t Should All Over Yourself”

This is a quote from one of my instructors while I was at Naropa. It’s amazing how much we do it. We have an idea of how life/relationships/we “should” be, and we knock ourselves over the head with these ideas all day long, every day. Unhappiness and discontent is cultivated one “should” at a time. […]

When I Grow Up I Want To Be Like Kelly Starrett

Last night, I got home from a long day at around 10p. I was so dragging-my-legs-behind-me tired,  BUT THEN I happened to notice that I had some mail! To describe how exciting this is would involve too many exclamation points so I am going to just get right into it.  Let’s just say that I […]

It’s On!

“If you avoid what scares you, how can you encourage your students to face their fears?” This past weekend we practiced headstand and forearm balance in yoga teacher training, and the above quote is something I found myself saying over and over both during our asana practice as well as our ethics discussion afterwards. The […]