Last Chance Weekend News!

Wow! What a week it’s been! I have had a HUGE response to my Maui Yoga Retreat in March and had to secure 2 extra rooms from Lumeria (one actually belonged to another group, but they generously gave it to me) and now there are NO MORE ROOMS LEFT! There is literally one spot left […]

How I Aligned My Flow: Part 6

Alignment Adjustment 6: Slowing Down To Become More Accomplished “I have so much to do that if I didn’t spend at least three hours a day in prayer I would never get it all done.” Martin Luther I haven’t written one of these Alignment Adjustments in a long time, and this is a quote that […]

Amazing Gift Ideas!

Happy Holiday Season! That was quick, wasn’t it?! I am not a big Black Friday shopper, but I do love buying meaningful gifts that support a great cause! In true fashion, while many people have told me that they are already done with their shopping, I am just beginning. If you are like me and […]

I Am Grateful For You!

Happy Thanksgiving!  Thank you to all of you who have read and subscribed to my blog, who have graduated from my 200 hour teacher training, and/or attended my Maui retreat this past year.  I feel honored to be able to continue to teach yoga, offer massage and to share life and this practice with you! […]

2 Degrees of Highland Yoga

Yesterday was the 10 year anniversary of Highland Yoga! All of the teachers got together to co-teach 2 classes (one Intermediate, and 1 Beginner). Afterwards, we had a delicious feast, Acro Yoga Demonstration and instruction with Lori and Brian, Henna art, and then Pam Meredith who teaches Kundalini gave us a gong bath (a first […]

News For The New Year!

Not meaning to be overly suspenseful, I wrote that I was going to announce some new plans a few weeks ago.  It has taken a little bit longer to work on the details than I anticipated! I’m sorry! In the meantime though, I have another AMAZING announcement, so today I will tell you 1.5 exciting […]

A Veteran’s Day Post

Happy Veteran’s Day! Thank you to all of the women and men who have served our country! This year, I feel even more connected to the cause of giving back to veterans because of the Prajjali Pass. Those of us who have practiced yoga for awhile have experienced the stress reducing benefits of yoga. It […]