Be Still And Know

This tree doesn’t worry about not being enough. It just slowly and quietly takes nourishment from it’s roots and grows toward the light.

If you were to have a little look into our space right now, you would see a whole lot of STUFF. You would see evidence of two people who spend a  lot of time running in and out, dropping things off, picking things up, and not-so-often put things completely away. We both have lives well lived, but in addition (and most of this is mine, not Alex’s) there are a whole lot of potential lives not being lived. In addition to having the contents of my Boulder apt still packed away after 6 years of being in NJ, there are endless options for crafts and hobbies. Instruments, bins of fabric, unworn heels and dresses all live in close relationship here- most of them very rarely put to use.

The contents of this space are a loud witness to my belief in the unlimited potential of life and inspiration. At some point, though, it becomes clutter and actually feels like pressure. When do I think I am going to sew/experiment with various cameras/type faces/collages/instruments/sports equipment? Once in awhile I look at it all and have a mini crisis. How can I get it all done?

It’s not that I’m not already doing creative and inspiring things, it’s just that I don’t have time to do ALL of the creative and inspiring things that I aspire to. When I run around, I come home with the mentality of running around, of getting even more done, but mostly when I am home, I want to rest and catch up with friends and family, not do.  This is actually awesome. What a great life I already have. I don’t have to keep going in order to be whole. I am whole before I try. So are you. We all are.

There is a great wisdom in the, “Be Still and Know,” mentality. When I am still, I take inventory, discern, and let go. When I am still, I feel supported by myself, but also I am more open to feeling the support of all of the people in my life, and by life itself. When I am still, I feel the love that I believe in, the Prana that flows throughout all of life. When I am still, I remember what I believe.  When I am still, I know that I am whole. I feel the life force riding on my breath.

This is a quiet revolution! Once that realization is made, priorities are much clearer. Do I want to spend even one breath on things that are draining and not in alignment with what I believe in? Do I want to spend one word criticizing others? NO, NO, NO!!!!!!!   When I see where my own self doubts come from and replace self criticism with understanding and compassion, I want to do the same for EVERYONE!

So, happy Friday to you! Please take some time this weekend to BE STILL AND KNOW….

That you are whole

That you have life pulsing through you with every heartbeat, with every breath

That you are beautiful

That you are strong and fully capable of making supportive decisions

That you are not alone

That you are loved


Your words just affirmed that the path I am about to embark on is the right one for ME. When we are at a crossroad in life, we must always follow our heart and allow it to speak to us and for us. If a situation is not in alignment with our beliefs, or we feel compromised, it is time to make a change. There is no amount of money that is worth compromising our core beliefs. If we take the time to Be Still and Know, we will find that all will be OK, we are OK and we are just where we need to be…..thank you for your inspiring and motivation words!


Jo-Ann, I am so glad! It is an honor to be placed in your path, and to offer anything that affirms your coming home to yourself and what really matters to you! Congratulations! What a beautiful place to be.

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