All Pau (done)!

All Pau (done)!

Aloha! I can’t believe that I am back home reflecting on how the retreat went already! It went so fast.

After the retreat was over, I stayed at a friend’s home in beautiful Kula where I could look out the window down the volcano toward the water and check the weather on both the North and South shores. Maui is such a beautiful place.

This was the view from my bed on my first morning in Kula.

This was the view from my bed on my first morning in Kula.

What an honor it was to host 18 people at Lumeria Maui. We practiced in their new and beautiful yoga shala. The food was delicious, and it was great to practice yoga with such an incredible group of people. It was great to see how easily everyone embraced all that Lumeria and Maui have to offer (which is a whole lot).

While we were there, they had hired a film crew to work on a promotional video for Lumeria. They asked me to be a part of it so I could speak about being a retreat leader there. As soon as it comes out, I will post it here although I have to say that I learned on this trip that video is not the easiest (even though their crew was brilliant at making me feel comfortable). Which leads me to this point…

To all of my Mobility Treatment people: I did film a mobility video for you, but it is too terrible! The sound didn’t work out as well as I’d hoped so I am going to have to do more mic research. :) I promise you I will keep trying. Instead, here are some more photos from the retreat. Next year’s dates will be up soon. I am looking at early April.



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